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Create Automatic Contacts with Contact Creator Plugin

Joomla allows you to automatically save new contacts in your Contact component when a user create an account.

In this tutorial we will show you how to use Contact Creator plugin to build a simple user's directory.

Enable the Contact Creator plugin

  • Go to Extensions > Plugins
  • Search for "User - Contact Creator" plugin

Contact Creator plugin joomla

  • Automatic webpage is optional
  • Select the category for new contacts
  • Set automatically publish the contact as yes
  • Set status as enable
  • Save when you’re done

Contact Creator plugin joomla

Test: register a new user

  • Go to the register area in your frontpage
  • Fill all the information such as username, email, password, etc
  • When you're done, click register button

Contact Creator plugin joomla

In your backend, go to Components > Contacts to confirm the new contact item was created automatically.

Contact Creator plugin joomla

Create a menu item

Let’s create a public page to display all the contacts

  • Go to Menus > Your menu > Add new menu item
  • In menu item type choose Contact > List contacts in a category
  • Select the category
  • Save when you're done

Contact Creator plugin joomla

Visit your public site to see the end result: